Richard Blais

Blais graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in New York and trained at The French Laundry, Daniel, Chez Panisse and el Bulli. He currently owns and operates Trail Blais, a forward thinking culinary consulting group that has designed and launched popular eateries across the country. Most recently he opened Ember & Rye in Carlsbad, California and Four Flamingos in Orlando, Florida with the Xenia Group and Hyatt Hotels. He is also the Culinary Director for VIP Dining at the San Diego Symphony’s performance space, The Rady Shell at Jacobs Park.

Blais also advises numerous national brands on recipe development, creativity, ideation and team building. He is the James Beard Award nominated author of Try This at Home, So Good and a third book due out in 2023. In addition, Blais hosts, Food Court, a high-energy, gameshow style podcast and the Starving for Attention podcast.

When not on set, in a kitchen or at home with his family, Blais may be found traveling across the country performing his live brand of “Stand-Up Cooking” to enthusiastic audiences nationwide.