First Available Program

As the ship fills up, we will sell First Available Staterooms which are used to fill rooms that become available between now and sailing from cancellations or changes in operational needs. First Available Staterooms will be offered in Interior, Oceanview/Porthole, and Balcony as each cabin type fills up. 

The First Available Program also releases rooms after the initial block of First Available Staterooms in the months leading up to sailing. First Available Program releases occur on Fridays. If Chefs Making Waves sells out in the pre-sale, on release days, guests who had an Earliest Booking Time (EBT) may book them at 11am ET.  At 1pm ET, any still open rooms become available to the general public. Beginning 30 days prior to sailing (April 5, 2025), the program releases opened rooms daily at 1pm ET. Some release dates may offer no new rooms for sale while other release dates may offer several.

First Available Details

First Available Program releases can include First Available Staterooms where you don’t choose your own room number or specific staterooms where you do choose your own room number.

  • First Available Staterooms are just like any other stateroom; you'll go through the full booking process now, but you will be assigned a specific stateroom number closer to sailing.
    • You’ll still have access to payment plans, travel protection, and the same great onboard experience.
    • First Available Staterooms are offered in Interior, Oceanview/Porthole, and Balcony.
    • Our goal is to assign 99% of these to a room.
    • If we cannot assign you a room number by 30 days prior to sailing, you will be refunded 100% of your payments, including Travel Insurance Premiums. In addition, you will be provided a Sixthman Future Event Credit of $1,000 and receive priority booking on a future event.
  • Specific staterooms are released when a recently opened room can’t be filled from our First Available bookings, or for higher categories like Suites if they can’t be filled by booked guests on our Desired Upgrade List. Within 90 days of the event (February 4, 2025), all releases will be specific staterooms.

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